Why is this work being undertaken?

    An updated development approvals framework will better align workflows, communications, and development processes to improve service levels, and establish development timelines and level of service expectations in alignment with the vision set forth in the OCP.

    What does the work aim to improve?

    The development application review aims to increase clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness at every stage of the application process for all District approval processes.

    How does this work align with existing community priorities?

    The 2021 Tofino Official Community Plan (OCP) was developed after substantial engagement with the public. This project will better align the development process with the goals of the OCP which sets out a land use framework that is accessible, inclusive, and aligned with the community’s vision for the future.  

    This development review process also follows direction from the OCP towards the creation of a development approval process that is clear, transparent, and supports reconciliation efforts with Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation.

    Who will be engaged?

    The Development Approvals Framework will be developed based on Tofino’s organizational structure, best practices, and consultation with members of the development community such as Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, referral agencies, builders, developers, contractors, District staff across various departments, and Council. Other groups may also be identified throughout the framework process.

    Initial outreach to members of the development community will occur throughout March, 2022.

    What is the project timeline?

    The project launched in February 2022. The initial phase of work (Spring, 2022) will focus on understanding the existing development approvals process from various perspectives, expectations related to this process, and ideas for improvement.  Funding from UBCM requires that all four phases of the project be complete by Summer, 2023.

    When will project updates be provided?

    This project page will be updated in alignment with Council updates for each of the four phases of work to be undertaken. We encourage anyone interested in following the project to sign up for project notifications.