Section 2 - Definitions

    General revisions and new definitions have been added to provide clarification and create consistency with other bylaws.

New Definitions

    Catering Business

    Catering Business means that your primary focus is the preparation and service of food. You must ensure you have the personnel and equipment necessary to prepare and serve food at events hosted by others and may include Residential Events or Catered Events. This does not include the service of food to those that are not participants of the event. 

    Catered Events

    Catered Events are events held anywhere other than a residence, such as a community hall, park or corporate boardroom. Types of events may include weddings, business meetings, staff parties, festivals, sporting events, concerts or grand openings. 

    Market (advertising)

    Market means sell, offer for sale, promote, canvass, solicit, rent advertise, book arrange or facilitate sale or rental, and includes placing posting or erecting advertisements physically or online, but does not include the mere provision of a neutral space or location for such marketing activities in newspapers, bulletin boards or online;


    Non-Profit means any incorporated or unincorporated organization formed for charitable purposes and not organized for profit or personal gain, including purposes which are of a philanthropic, benevolent, educational, health, humane, religious, cultural, artistic or recreational nature;


    Pawnbroker means a person who carries on the business of taking property in pawn, or who operates a pawnbroker’s premises.

    Residential Events

    Residential Events are invitation-only events held at a private residence, such as a dinner party or wedding.

    Residential Tourist Accommodation

    Residential Tourist Accommodation Business includes Bed and Breakfast, Short Term Rental, and Guest-House businesses;

    Tourist Accommodation Property

    Tourist accommodation property means premises in the District where accommodation of paying guests for less than 30 days is a permitted use pursuant to the Zoning Bylaw and other land use enactments.

    Respectful Neighbourliness Brochure

    Respectful Neighbourliness Brochure means a brochure, pamphlet or PDF that provides a summary of bylaws that may have a direct impact on residents and the community including, but not limited to noise, pets, fires, fireworks and parking. This document is prepared by the District’s Protective Services Department, as amended from time to time.

    Section 3 - General Regulations

    3(9) - Requires any business operating on public property to obtain a permit.

    Section 4 - Administration, Investigation and Enforcement

    4(1)(b) - The Licence Inspector has thepower to suspend, cancel or refuse a Business Licence.

    Section 5 - Application and Renewal of Business Licenses

    5(4) - If required, all additional documentation must be provided to the Licence Inspector within 30 days.

    Section 7 - Specific Regulations

    7.1 Public Markets - Operators of public markets are required to obtain a Special Events Permit and ensure that all vendors have and display a public market vendor business license.

    7.3 Residential Tourist Accommodation Businesses

    • Each premises is required to have a separate business license and comply with all applicable requirements in the Zoning Bylaw.
    • A permanent resident is on the premises or a licenced property manager is responsible for responding to concerns by neighbours or guests within 2 hours.
    • A minimum of one (1) parking space is to be provided for use of the permanent resident.