Why are there current overnight parking restrictions?

    Parking has been restricted along these locations to match the historic overnight beach parking hours at the nearby surface parking lots (ie. no parking between 11 PM and 6 AM).  These restrictions were initially put in place to reduce overnight camping and ensure adequate private vehicle parking on private property, as per pre-existing rules/regulations.  


    • Overnight camping is known to create nuisance, litter, waste and damage to neighbouring public and private properties.  


    • The frequent parking of private vehicles on public property (ie. roadways) increases wear and tear on infrastructure, removes capacity and revenues and adds enforcement costs. 


    • Property owners along these streets are required to provide adequate parking for their residents. Vacation rental property owners are legally obligated to provide adequate visitor parking on their premises, as per District of Tofino Business Licence Regulation Bylaw No. 858, 2000. 

    Can I obtain an overnight parking permit now?

    Current overnight temporary parking permits are available from the Municipal Office, and intended for occasional use.  Permits can be purchased for $20/night at the Municipal Office with proof of residency and corresponding vehicle and owner information for the parked vehicle.  Frank Island residents can apply for an overnight parking permit for their own vehicles at the cost of $50/month, which permits them to park at spots next to Middle Chesterman Beach access.  Public feedback has raised issues about the inconvenience of in-person permit purchase, office hours and costs.

    What if a long term tenant at these locations cannot get access to adequate parking on their property?

    Some members of our community have highlighted that they have been negatively impacted by this change and do not have adequate parking on their landlord’s property and would otherwise be required to pay or find alternative arrangements.  The District is completing this review to assess other options that would reduce unintended impacts to these and other users.